Anglo Nubian Goats in Australia

Goats have a long history in Australia. Since man sailed here in ships, goats came with them. It was common practice to carry goats on ships for a supply of fresh milk and meat. As white settlers spread out from the first settlements in Australia, goats often went with them. The goats travelled well, browsing happily on the Australian bush and provided a milk supply on the way.

When the goats were taken into the dryer hotter inland areas of Australia they thrived, and happily settled down in their new homes. They were the only supply of fresh milk in many inland towns, even into the early years of the twentifth century.

Because goats did so well in Australia, goat breeders looked overseas to bring in new bloodlines to keep improving the goats already here. Many breeds were tried, and amongst these came some anglo nubian goats from England. There are still direct decendents of these goats in Australia to this day. For a detailed history of the Anglo Nubian goat breed in Australia visit the Anglo Nubian Society of Australia.

The longing hanging ears and hump on the nose of the anglo nubian goats have come from the middle eastern and asian goats that formed the basis of the breed. There were Jumnapuri goats from India and chitral goats from Pakistan.


Herd of goats in Chitral Pakistan.  Photo taken by Karl Schuler.

Suitable because

Ancestors came from hot climates.

Short sleek coats

Long ears provide large surfaces of skin


Old postcard showing an Indian Jumnipuri breed goat.