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Goat Health and Husbandry Links

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Contains a couple of remedies and suggestions if you have a goat suffering from plant poisoning, particularly Rhododendron poisoning.

Diagrams showing the structure of a goat and the terms for many body parts of the goat.  This page also has links to other Goat Health related articles.

The British Goats Society's guide to some basic Goat Health Problems.

A series of links to Goat Health Articles for some more in depth articles.

Covers the labour and birth process of the goat in more detail.

On line goat equipment for sale.

Another pages with links to some useful Health and Husbandry Links including how to trim hooves and give injections.  This information is part of the Hoegger Goats Supply Store website in the USA.  You may be interested to browse around the large list of items they have for sale, some of which are unavailable in Australia. http://hoeggergoatsupply.com/xcart/home.php will take you straight to their main page.

An Australian mail order rural supply company that has many items suitable for goat husbandry.


The NSW Department of Primary Industries list of Ag Notes available on Goats.

The Queensland Department of Primary Industries list of Information Notes available on Goats.